Terms and Conditions

1. Community Rules

1.1. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you become a Savage Mojo Community Member. Treat other Community Members with respect, whether online or in person. Derogatory remarks aimed at Community Members, their opinions, or anyone/anything else are never appropriate. We have a nice, friendly, respectful community, and following these rules is what helps keep it that way.

1.2. No flaming other Community Members, whether publically or in private. Keep it positive.

1.3. Discussion including but not limited to politics, religion, or sexuality is fine when related directly to games as long as you follow rule 1.1 above. Personal comments about another Community Member's religion, political views or sexuality are unacceptable.

1.4. A disclaimer on a political, religious or sexuality topic does not exempt it from the rules above. If you have any doubt concerning a topic's acceptability, contact us privately at community@savagemojo.com and check before posting.

1.5. Do not share material that is under copyright, neither online nor in person. For example, posting the stats for your character is fine, but not those that were written by professionals without their permission. A caveat - our Community Members may choose to post art or give written content for discussion, but please think of them if you are considering re-posting something that may have taken them many hours to create. You agree never to pass off another person's work as your own.

1.6. These rules are not exclusive. Content may also be disallowed based on tastefulness and other factors.

1.7. If you see any post or message that appears to violate these rules, contact us directly via email at community@savagemojo.com. The reason we want you to email us rather than replying to a post is twofold. If the post does break the rules, replying to it just continues a disallowed discussion. If the post is ultimately ruled to not be a violation, then referring to it as such publicly isn't respectful and represents a disparaging remark against it. Neither result is good for anyone involved, so just contact us and we will work to resolve the situation.

1.8. By being a Savage Mojo Community Member you grant Savage Mojo the exclusive right to be the final arbiter of what's acceptable and what is not in relation to Suzerain, Legends Awaken and other Savage Mojo activities.

1.9. Savage Mojo reserves the right to remove content, ban accounts, or take any other reasonable actions where behavior breaks the rules. We hope we never have to.

2. Legends Awaken

2.1. By creating an account on savagemojo.com you become part of an amazing story. Legends Awaken is the living, breathing Suzerain universe, an on-going worldwide roleplay campaign. If you choose to participate in this initiative, your adventures will shape the realms of Suzerain, whether Starfall, the Garden of Athena, Nightfall or any other realm you choose. Participation in Legends Awaken is optional, but a verified account on the savagemojo.com is necessary to participate.

2.2. That's right, Legends Awaken members can have roleplay adventures as part of the ongoing story arc, then we take as many of those stories and heroes as possible and those events become canon. In this way you shape the universe itself for future gamers (and, perhaps, see your adventures in print!). Better yet, you have the chance to cross over with other gaming groups who are active in your realm, to see how their adventures affect you and how your adventures affect them. Legends Awaken isn't your grandfather's RPG. It's much, much more.

3. Other Important Details

3.1. Purpose: In the matter of creative endeavors linked to Suzerain, including but not limited to the Legends Awaken initiative, this agreement is between Savage Mojo and the Community Member.

3.2. Duration: This agreement shall commence on the date the Community Member agrees to the terms and conditions and shall not be terminated by elapse of time. It encompasses all concepts and materials for the above named creative endeavors whether past, present or future in respect of the date of this agreement.

3.3. Ownership Rights: The Suzerain community is all about joint contribution to a greater Suzerain universe. The Community Member understands this and agrees to waive all rights in relation to the above named creative endeavors in the favor of Savage Mojo. This includes but is not limited to any settings, plots, characters, or game mechanics devised in words, images, or audio by any party for or linked to the above named creative endeavors. The Community Member agrees that all concepts, writings, drawings, songs, or other creations related to the above named creative endeavors are the sole property of Savage Mojo, irrespective of their originator. The Community Member additionally agrees to waive any rights to recompense or usage for all concepts, writings, drawings, songs, or other creations related to the above named creative endeavors. The Community Member shall deliver up to Savage Mojo upon request all working papers, computer disks and tapes, or other material and copies provided to or prepared by the Community Member pursuant either to this agreement or to any previous obligation owed to Savage Mojo.

3.4. Non Disclosure: The Community Member agrees to treat as secret and confidential and not at any time for any reason to disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person or otherwise make use of or permit to be made use of any information that has not come into the public domain except by breach of this or any similar agreement relating to the above named creative endeavors for whatever reason except by written request from Savage Mojo. Furthermore the Community Member undertakes to keep all confidential information of a nature described in this section in safe custody and undertakes to take reasonable precautions to ensure that such information shall be kept confidential and not be distributed to any other persons without written permission. The Community Member accepts that in the event of breach of this agreement Savage Mojo shall be entitled to any special damages that the courts in jurisdiction of this agreement decide, acknowledging that damages are an inadequate measure of the loss or damage to Savage Mojo in the event of any breach.

3.5. Non Compete: The Community Member agrees not to create any concepts, writing, illustration, songs, or other creations that include elements used in the above named creative endeavors for any purpose other than the above named creative endeavors without written permission from Savage Mojo.

3.6. Entire Agreement: This agreement sets out the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings relating to its subject matter.

3.7. Law and Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Washington State, USA. The parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Washington State courts.