What Is Suzerain?

Suzerain’s a tabletop RPG meta-setting for Savage Worlds, which means it’s actually a bunch of settings linked together. You and your group can choose to play in one of our existing realms, create your own, or switch between realms whenever you want.

Your characters in Suzerain are beings with supernatural powers, from any one of the many realms. Grow your heroes and your legend out into the cosmos, traveling through time, space, and realities, or stick to one realm and be the heroes your world needs. It’s all up to you!

Suzerain Universe

Suzerain And You!

We get it. There's a lot to the Suzerain universe, to Legends Awaken, to all of this "Savage Mojo stuff". Here's our advice: find one thing you're excited about and start there. Start small and grow into the world. You’ll never need to know everything about everything. Use Legends Awaken to set you up with a group if you don't already have one. One small, fun corner of the Suzerain universe is all you need.

Finally, tell us about your experience. Use the Contact Us section on the front page. We really want you to post, in the Facebook group, on Discord, to our twitter. Tell us the things you've loved or struggled with most in Suzerain. We're always looking to make the experience better for everyone, and we can't do that without your help.

What Do I Do Now?

Here are a few things to get you started. We have a brief guide to the Suzerain universe; what it is to be a Hero; the story so far and the Suzerain realms, here.


Suzerain Legends is published as a Core Primer & Rules book you can download for free from DriveThruRPG. We’re following that up with thematic books exploring various corners of the universe, each a mix of rules and lore to give you more gaming options and bring your Suzerain adventures to life.

Need a way to ease into Suzerain? Try out one of our JumpStarts, adventures that come complete with pregen characters, each written to span the length of one game session. There are seven JumpStarts, each one set in a different land or realm and packed with enough lore and setting info to, yes, JumpStart your imagination and begin your adventures in Suzerain!

When you’re ready to take your adventure even further, join Legends Awaken to connect with the community and for a chance to have your adventures shape the future of Suzerain! Learn more about Legends Awaken here.