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Helping Out

We’re just a group a gamers who want to bring you the best gaming possible. If you like what we’re doing and want to help out then... that’s awesome! We sincerely appreciate it. If you can spread the word among friends and on social media, that helps a lot. If you have a little time you could give to help us promote and organize what we're doing, that’s doubly amazing.

Let us know that you’re interested by using any of the options below. Let’s talk!

Buying Stuff

If you want to help us financially, we’re always glad to have your support. We’re not an organization with big overheads or greedy shareholders, so your money goes directly to making more of the Suzerain universe and allows us to help more Legends Awaken groups turn every session into an event to remember.

The simplest way to support us financially is to buy some of our products. We sell PDF and physical books through our DriveThruRPG page, and Fantasy Grounds modules for online gaming on our Fantasy Grounds page.


To help keep the lights on and put something in the tip jar each month, we've set up a Patreon account. Even pledging a few dollars is wonderful and in return we're offering a selection of benefits: content that's created specially for patrons, the opportunity to influence development decisions, behind the scenes access as the Suzerain universe comes to life, and much more.

While the development team is a part of the community, it's our loyal patrons we roll out the red carpet for.