Wilderlands JumpStart

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I‘m back again to tell you about how easy it is to start your adventures in Suzerain. We have seven Jumpstarts available, one for each of our core realms. These are adventures designed to be run in a regular length game session. Use them to begin a greater adventure in a specific setting, or link them all together for a realm-hopping mini campaign.

In the Wilderlands JumpStart players will brave the post-apocalyptic landscape as a Civil Defense patrol ensuring the safety of Seventh Creek’s borders. The patrol may be standard procedure, but don’t let that fool you! In order to make it back, you’ll have to brave giant creatures, spirits made more aggressive through strange ley magic, wild mutations, and if you’re very unlucky, agents of the Xocate Empire.

For players there is a racial template for Ursans, were-bear shifters who wield enormous strength. Help your party sense and avoid perilous situations with new edges such as the Ley Line Whisperer, a shaman-like attunement to the magical pathways. Wield spectacular powers like the ability to walk between the mortal realm and the spirit world, or turn your enemy's weapons against them with a Xocate Minigun.

As always, the Wilderlands JumpStart features a detailed briefing to help the GM guide their party through the unpredictable, and often dangerous, patrol into the aberrant scar of Hugoton Hollow. Unleash new enemies like the Giant Wasps or Pulse Vipers, or raise the stakes by rolling on the Random Mutations Chart. The GM section has all the tools to help make your game session one to remember!

Adventure awaits!


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