Untamed Empires JumpStart

Hi all!

I’m back again to tell you about how easy it is to start your adventures in Suzerain. We have seven JumpStarts available, one for each of our core realms. These are adventures designed to be run in a regular length game session. Use them to begin a greater adventure in a specific setting, or link them all together for a realm-hopping mini campaign.

The Untamed Empires JumpStart places you in the role of a crew of swashbuckling explorers off to discover new lands and ancient civilizations across the high seas! Delve deep into lush jungles and traverse the misty hills to find lost civilizations. The warnings of the locals might only be superstitious nonsense, but the fungus jaguars are very real and very dangerous.

Players and GMs will find all kinds of useful options to help bring their adventure to life. Play as a Djinn, manipulating air and evading attacks by transforming into vaporous clouds. Equip yourself for a dangerous expedition with matchlock weapons, almost as loud as they are deadly.

For GMs there are new creatures to help you make the wild jungles come to life. You’ll find all the support you need to lead your party through a jungle-stomping, swashbuckling, ancient secret-finding adventure!

Adventure awaits!


Suzerain Infomancer

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