The Falafel Syndicate

A New Crossover Adventure

Together Savage Mojo and Just Insert Imagination have created The Falafel Syndicate, a wonderful new adventure combining the settings of Suzerain and Wiseguys. It's available now on DriveThruRPG as a free download.

Enjoy a new Suzerain adventure like no other, crossing into the world of the Wiseguys setting. Wiseguys is set in the mid-nineties and you play as part of a crew evading the law, robbing giant corporations and trying to make it big. With the bosses of the Five Families and the Chicago outfit out of the picture, Las Vegas is yours for the taking!

The Falafel Syndicate takes your group of Suzerain heroes to 90s Vegas. Another group of heroes went investigating the shady dealings of Don Calamari but got themselves captured. It's up to you to get them out.

"In this adventure you can expect to travel the universe, uncover the Don’s dirtiest secrets, and help some fellow heroes. There may be scenes of mild peril and bad reactions to seafood."

Stuck between a Don and a hard place, you are the heroes' only hope of survival. So grab your dice, download the adventure and get out into the greasy streets of Vegas. This free crossover adventure is an offer you cannot refuse!


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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