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Hello Suzerainians.

This is a quick update to announce that our latest content pack for patrons is ready for download. If you're with us on Patreon (and we'd surely appreciate if you were) then the download link is in the latest front page post at

I particularly enjoyed creating this month's content since it's all about AIs, with three new playable racial templates and 15 new racial Edges for them, plus guidelines for running adventures in cyberspace... which is something we've been talking about adding to Suzerain for a long time.

One of the templates is the first time I'm aware of a swarm becoming a playable race in any Savage Worlds setting. I look forward to hearing about the first micromorph character in the Suzerain universe. The idea for a swarm race, plus most of its abilities, came from the patrons and their ideas are now canon lore and rules for Suzerain. It's a style of collaborative game development that I really love, and if you want to be a part of that, please join us on Patreon.

Next, I'll be focusing on layout for the Fae Land JumpStart, so look out for that soon!

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

Please ask us questions and make comments. We have a Facebook group and Discord server. We love to hear your thoughts, about Savage Mojo, about Suzerain, or about anything gaming-related in fact! We also have a Patreon account, our "tip jar with benefits".

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