Suzerain on Fantasy Grounds

Hello Suzerainians!

We're running a bunch of games online at FG-Con. To celebrate, our whole catalog of Fantasy Grounds modules are on sale right now! That includes our map packs, which you can use with any system.

FG-Con is a chance for gamers from all over the world to experience games they may not have tried before. In the case of the Suzerain universe, it's an opportunity for a little roleplay tourism into Suzerain realms you may not know. We'll be running all the JumpStarts, from Gatherall's cyberpunk to the high fantasy of Shaintar, from the post-apocalyptic Wilderlands to the classic dungeon delve of Dungeonlands. Right now there are three registered:

Ellspeth is running Dungeonlands and Gatherall


I'm running the chaotic, mayhem-filled fantasy of Fae Lands

Keep those links handy. Player registrations begin on October 11th and FG-Con itself is the weekend of November 8-10. As for the sale, it only runs until Friday so make the most of it while you can.

If you are willing to run a Suzerain session or two during FG-Con then we're happy to make it worth your while. We'll give you an exclusive Suzerain pack of maps from all seven JumpStarts that work for any online game. Thanks to Kris at GameTileWarehouse for that contribution. They are great maps, too.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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