Shaintar Surges Forward

Hello Suzerainians!

It's wonderful to have Sean* excited by Shaintar again! The two of us have talked, and Sean has big plans for Shaintar at his gaming table.

Obviously Savage Mojo has got plans for the future of Shaintar and those progress through the wonderful tales of Legends Awaken groups around the world. Sean and I want to be clear that he isn't involved directly in any of those plans - he's a gamer just like the rest of us, excited to play Shaintar at home, and I'm sure that will be a real treat for anyone at his gaming table.

Meanwhile I'm delighted to announce that Darren Pearce is back as lead writer for our next full-on story arc after Thundering Skies. He and Howard and I will be fleshing out that book in the coming weeks and you can bet that the words will materialize thick and fast once Darren unleashes the full power of his mind on his keyboard.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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* If you don't know who Sean is, he's the original creator of Shaintar, the vision behind that epic high fantasy. He stepped away from the setting during tough times a few years ago, so it's great to see his excited by it all again.


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