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Hello Suzerainians!

A tip of the hat today to two new bundles:

The first is a Kickstarter for a pretty awesome set of map tiles by Kris at GameTileWarehouse. Kris does great work - you'll see his maps in the JumpStart adventures we've been releasing this year. His "Solomon Temple Squares II" should satisfy most any craving you might have for dungeon tiles. he funded in less than an hour and it's easy to see why. Still a few days on that fundraiser campaign if you want to hop on board for the best value.

The second is a charity bundle on DriveThruRPG for the benefit of the American Red Cross, specifically to help those worst affected by Hurricane Dorian. You may have seen the destruction on the news, particularly across the Bahamas, and the suffering carries on long after the news crews move on to the next thing. Savage Mojo contributed to the bundle as did many other publishers including Pinnacle Entertainment. It's a lot of value for a little price with all the proceeds going to a good cause.

If you bolster your gaming collection with either of these offers, I suspect you'll have a lot of gaming value for your money.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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