Kickstarter - Suzerain Edition Lockbox!

Special Suzerain Lockbox By Tabletop Artisans

We could not be happier to announce Tabletop Artisans will be doing a special Suzerain lockbox! Replacing the D20 slot with a second D6 slot, for those important Wild Die.

Tabletop Artisans are a great company who produce great quality storage solutions for the TTRPG community. Each lockbox is 4.1"x 3.3"x 1.9" (10.4x 8.9x 4.8cm) - these things are lightweight but super tough. With such rigid construction, secure foam for holding your dice, and simplistically cool style. It is no surprise that their current Kickstarter is going well, but we encourage you all to please go check them out.

Here is a snippet from their page:

"Presenting the Lockbox and Bank, a modular system to store, carry and display your dice. In our third Kickstarter we wanted to create a simple product with big impact. Each lockbox holds a standard 7-die set in a removable tray with foam for protection, perfect for storing and carrying that special set. For those with larger collections, we’ve created 3 different banks to hold 6, 12 or 18 lockboxes." - Tabletop Artisans, Kickstarter

Not only are we huge fans of their work, but we are hyped that Tabletop Artisans will also be etching awesome Suzerain logos into the Suzerain lockboxes. These will be available as a reward for pledges to our Kickstarter, launching September 6th.


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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