Introducing Areana!

A Hero Across The Realms

Areana is Suzerain's hero of choice to show off the endless possibilities for players, across many realms, many races, many times and many adventures! She'll be popping up across all our social media as an example of what players and GMs can do within the Suzerain universe.

Arena is a mysterious figure among the Awakened. One story says she was born in a sci-fi realm, the adopted daughter of an alien martial arts master, then travelled to a fantasy realm when she first became a true hero of the universe before finally crossing into the post-apocalyptic Wilderlands.

Another tale tells how Areana was born to nomadic cat-riders in Austeria but spend time with Umbra in the 1930s before going to the 54th century to fight the Tempest there. There are so many ways the character could have formed, so many stories about her past! That's the beauty of Suzerain.

Maybe one day she'll tell us which epic tales are true, but until then each player gets to play her their way. You're the heroes, you live the legends, and you become the Awakened.


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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