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Hello Suzerainians!

Great news: I hear the DriveThruRPG bundle to benefit those affected by Hurricane Dorian, which I mentioned in my last post, has already raised $1,500 for the American Red Cross. If you took advantage of the offer (it's over $200 of product for $25) then thank you. You've done a good thing.

In other news, I've been interviewed in a few places. The first two of those interviews came out this week, so if you're interested in learning what it takes to be a tabletop RPG publisher and my views on game publishing in 2019 the check out these links:

A Pawn's Perspective


Comics, Clerics and Controllers

Cam mentions that he interviewed me previously, and that's quite true. If you want to check that out, here's a link.

A big thank you to both Rob and Cam for those interviews. I had a great time doing them. As a bonus, our Patreon supports have kindly agreed to share last month's content pack for readers of the Pawn's Perspective interview, and there's a link in that interview to download that PDF. Huge kudos to the patrons for their kindness. If you look at the content pack and like what you see, please do consider joining their ranks, even for a few dollars a month. It's keeping the lights on here at the Savage Mojo command center.

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