Holiday Freebie

Happy Holidays everyone!

To celebrate this festive time of year we’ve got a Suzerain freebie for you. This holiday season, deck your cyber halls with boughs of Gatherall goodness in the form of a free desktop wallpaper! Download it here!

Depicted in this wallpaper is a pit fighter in Gatherall’s Customs Zone, a strip in the cyberpunk city full of casinos, pit fights, and the many forms of vice and debauchery inherent in such places. The Customs Zone was created in a game live streamed on Twitch, in which the players found themselves indebted to a local crime syndicate. The players hatched a plan to pay off the debt: they decided to stage a casino heist. The Customs Zone with its high rise casinos, arenas, and pit fighting didn't exist before this heist. All of it came as a result of the players' creativity and imagination.

If you want to follow that streamed campaign, you can find the VODs on Baufrin’s channel here. The campaign, which is on a brief hiatus for the holidays, streams Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern.

Adventure awaits!


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