Getting An Edge On 2020!

Keeping Strong Against The Chaos

This year has been...unusual...for us all. It one for the history books no doubt, but here at Savage Mojo we're still shooting for aces and hoping for raises. Even MMK, the creative wonder behind the Suzerain universe, has had his fair share of difficulties.

A global pandemic, a new Kickstarter, and on top of that MMK tackles living with Parkinson's Disease every day. A triple threat of intimidating things for any hero, but MMK keeps pushing on and keeps the Suzerain universe alive and growing!

Look at it like Suzerain itself, full of Edges that help us and Hindrances that present challenges to us. The pandemic, the challenge of a Kickstarter, and health issues may be Hindrances. But we have the Suzerain community, a passionate team with over twenty years of development behind us, and experience, which are our awesome Edges!

Every day I'm grateful that I can develop the Suzerain universe and give gamers a fun and wondrous playground for their imagination. Our community allows us to welcome people of all kinds, whether they have physical, mental or social challenges or not. More than most people, I know the need for understanding and a little help. It's what lets me push through the hard times and fight back the evils of our world, one day at a time. - MMK, Suzerain Creator

So despite our moving our Kickstarter back to October 4th, to give more time for development and new rewards for pledges, we are still going strong. We're using our Karma, rerolling the dice and advancing Suzerain into a new era.


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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