Gatherall Wallpaper

You may have noticed that Savage Mojo has been posting a bunch of wallpapers recently. Apart from the fact that compelling art is always worth sharing, there is another reason for it. In a few weeks we’ll be launching a Kickstarter for the print version of the Suzerain core rules. These wallpapers are a teaser for that, and a perfect opportunity to give you a quick reminder of all the cool things each of the seven core realms has to offer.

This week we’ll be stepping into the wonderous world of Gatherall! Gatherall is Suzerain’s heroic cyberpunk setting. If you find yourselves drawn to a world of advanced cybernetic enhancement, corporate oppression, and intrigue, Gatherall has you covered, but with a twist. Remember when I said “heroic cyberpunk” earlier? In Gatherall there is always hope of a better tomorrow, all it needs is for the right people to step up and take a stand. Gatherall gives you the option, and indeed encourages you, to make your story one of hope and resistance in an otherwise grim genre. But don’t worry! If the gritty stories are more your speed, there’s plenty of grit to be found in Gatherall as well.

Fight the corporations and win, or get caught up in the power struggle between them and the vampire run Church of Trinitas. Live your story taking missions just to get by in the world, or take on the mantle of hero and fight for a brighter future for your world. Whatever your story in Gatherall, it’s bound to be epic.

Today’s Gatherall wallpaper is of Sesthus Vix, a notorious and dangerous bounty hunter. Get it for free here!

Adventure awaits!


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