Gatherall JumpStart

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I’m back again to tell you about how easy it is to start your adventures in Suzerain. We have seven JumpStarts available, one for each of our core realms. These are adventures designed to be run in a regular length game session. Use them to begin a greater adventure in a specific setting, or link them all together for a realm-hopping mini campaign.

Elaborate heist, you say? In the cyberpunk city of Gatherall, that’s just one of the many ways mercenaries like you find to make a living. Sneak, deceive, and hack your way into the vault of Cathedral 13 in search of an old relic with the power to undermine the Church of Trinitas.

There are a whole slew of exciting player options to choose from in this JumpStart. Play as a cybershaman, binding spirituality and technology, or utilize a cloud of nanobots to alter the world around you as a technomancer. There are also a whole bunch of cyberPulse augments to give your hero that extra cyberpunk flavor and boost.

GMs are provided with detailed information on the cathedral to help bring that heist-planning feel to the game. Find everything you need to bring the cyberpunk city of Gatherall to your table for free at DriveThruRPG.

Adventure awaits!


Suzerain Infomancer

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