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I want to take a second to tell you about how easy it is to start your adventures in Suzerain. We have seven JumpStarts available, one for each of our core realms. These are adventures designed to be run in a regular length game session. Use them to begin a greater adventure in a specific setting, or link them all together for a realm-hopping mini campaign.

The Dungeonlands Jumpstart begins right in the middle of the action as you, adventurers from all over the universe, delve into the depths of this infinitely shifting and expanding, sentient pocket realm to prove your metal as heroes. The most notorious of killer dungeons, the Dungeonlands will be the biggest trial your heroes have faced!

This JumpStart features racial templates from various settings, including Dwarves from Shaintar, Elves from the Fae Lands, and the vampiric Stalkers. Wade into the fray wielding the defensive magics of the new Warden Arcane Background, defending your allies against dangerous foes.

The GM section contains everything you need to run your party through the gauntlet that is the Dungeonlands. Engage in the time honored GM tradition of rolling for traps, or muster up a horde of rat-like humanoids, the Ratten, to chase your heroes through the shifting expanses. As always, you’ll also find advice for how to link this JumpStart with our other settings to keep the story going after you conclude your epic delve in the Dungeonlands! Pick up everything you need to bring Dungeonlands to your table for free over at DriveThroughRPG!

Adventure awaits!


Suzerain Infomancer

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