Dungeonlands Wallpaper

Today we have another cool freebie for you in the form of a wallpaper featuring art and lore from Suzerain’s Dungeonlands setting! Get it here!

Dungeonlands is a massive, endlessly shifting mega dungeon contained inside a pocket dimension puzzle box with entrances in all corners of the multiverse. Whatever game you’re running, Dungeonlands gives you the tools to tailor the experience to suit your needs.

Imagine that you and your gaming group find yourselves excited and inspired by an episode of Star Trek. You want to play an RPG in a similar setting, but don't want to abandon your current campaign. The beauty of Dungeonlands is that you can have your cheesecake and eat it too. Suddenly, your party gets sucked into a world of far-future space exploration for a session, an adventure, or even an entire campaign.

With its genre-spanning landscapes, warring factions, and innumerable defenses both magical and mechanical, Dungeonlands has always been our humble nod to dungeon crawl adventuring hailing back to the days of 1st edition D&D.

Adventure awaits!


Suzerain Infomancer

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