Cruises and Conventions

Hello Suzerainians!

I want to invite you all to a couple of conventions at the start of 2020 to be a part of some universe-shaking Suzerain gaming.

There's HexaCon from Jan 17-20 in Denver, the heartland of the Rocky Mountain Savages. Then there's the Savage Cruise from Jan 26 to Feb 2. You read that right, there's a convention on a cruise specifically for fans of Savage Worlds, and I'd love to be there running a week of special games that will change a few things about the Suzerain universe. You could be a part of those historic events.

To make any of that happen, however, I need one or more people who want to come along and help make those games awesome. Savage Mojo will cover the convention badge for anyone who comes along, and I'm looking to share a room (technically it's a cabin for the cruise) to split the accommodation costs. You'll also get to be a part of as much Suzerain goodness as you can handle, from Shaintar to Gatherall and beyond.

The person who was planning on being there, specifically on the cruise, sadly can't make it and I genuinely can't do this by myself. As most of you know, I suffer from early-onset Parkinson's Disease which means there are guaranteed to be times when I need somebody to share the load and give me a break to rest up.

If either or both of these opportunities seems like a fun time to you, let me know and we can talk about the details. I probably need to confirm with the venues and start prepping, so I'd like to make a final decision on whether this is all possible in the next week or so. Don't delay!

P.S. There's also GenghisCon in February, of course, and it's possible to switch from HexaCon to that if HexaCon can't work out. I wanted to throw that out there. It's not as easy for me, but possible.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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