Community Catch-Up!

Hello Suzerainians,

As most of you have probably noticed, we have been doing some renovation of our social media platforms, working on new content and trying to grow our brilliant community. We hope you have enjoyed everything that we have released lately, and that you share in our excitement for what is still to come!

Building our community is key for the future of Suzerain. We are trying to help new players and GMs by creating our Inside Suzerain YouTube series, producing informative and fun posts on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

We know all of you share our love for Suzerain, otherwise, you wouldn't be here! I know that all of us are grateful for everything our community gives and does, to be a part of your playing experience is a privilege we do not take lightly!

If you'd like to know how to help us in our quest for new community members, we ask you to do one simple thing: Share.

Share the fun, share our content, share our social platforms so people can follow them. Most importantly, share the hope, so that heroes new and old together can save the universe.

In terms of community growth we have some goals we'd like to hit, 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, 200 on Instagram and 100 subscribers to our newly revived YouTube Channel. To get shareable links and check out our socials use these links:

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Twitter - @SavageMojo

Instagram - @savagemojo_

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- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

Please ask us questions and make comments. We have a Facebook group and Discord server. We love to hear your thoughts, about Savage Mojo, about Suzerain, or about anything gaming-related in fact! We also have a Patreon account, our "tip jar with benefits".


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