Building Worlds With Suzerain

Bringing Legends To Life

When running games in Suzerain, you can use our Jumpstarts and FREE core primer book to help guide the way, or, you can craft your own stories and adventures!

When building the Suzerain universe we try to help give you the materials to create memorable moments that, through the Legends Awaken initiative, become parts of the land. From the Pulse War remnants left across the Untamed Empire, and puzzling passages in the Fae Land, to epic weapons crafted by gods, left for the most daring adventurers to claim for themselves.

Each realm, each hero, and each adventure lived throughout Suzerain has the potential to become the catalyst for change.

If you need help getting to grips with any of the lore or game mechanics of Suzerain, check out our YouTube channel for our helpful Inside Suzerain and Suzerin: New Heroes Guide series! So, go create your legends, bring hope, make memories, and live the universe of Suzerain! If you need something new to play, why not pick up a FREE adventure written by Shane Hensley here!


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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