Bringing Hope When We Feel Hopeless

Not Players, But Legends!

One thing about Suzerain is that every session you are a hero, bringing hope and conquering evil. In such a large universe you could be forgiven for thinking you’re just another roleplay character making their way, but no: you can change the world. The odds are against you - that's good drama - but you're not powerless against the agents of evil.

The Suzerain universe grows more intricate with each year, each session, each new player. Continuing this expansion and development of the rich lore, players at Dragon Con 2020 have the chance to play six sessions with the head of our Legends Awaken initiative, Howard Brandon.

Howard’s a legends for crafting sessions that are brilliant experiences and fantastic additions to the story of the Suzerain universe. There will be intense battles against enemies who threaten every realm, every freedom. Regular gamers at the convention will be the line between evil rising or being pushed back. This could be you!

In the real world, this year has been full of events that make us feel fearful, feel powerless. Many roleplay settings are also dark and full of angst. In Suzerain, however, you feel hope and have the power to overcome the darkness.

If you want to try out the Suzerain universe through a new one-shot adventure written by Shane Hensley head over to but be quick! It's only available for FREE until our Kickstarter begins on October 4th.


- Ciaran

Suzerain Infomancer

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