Austeria JumpStart

Hi all!

I want to take a second to tell you about how easy it is to start your adventures in Suzerain. We have seven JumpStarts available, one for each of our core realms. These are adventures designed to be run in a regular length game session. Use them to begin a greater adventure in a specific setting, or link them all together for a realm-hopping mini campaign.

Step into the war-torn fantasy realm of Austeria. You are a Caledonian foot patrol fighting for survival, your backs against the wall and the powerful Warlock armies gathering at your doorstep. You may be the unsung heroes of the Caledonian state, but the fates have conspired to push you to something greater.

Build your hero with new edges and equipment to enhance your adventures in Austeria. Become a cunning House Spy wielding subterfuge and blackmail as your weapons. Or perhaps you are a House Knight, setting an example through leadership and trusting in the strength of your steel. It’s your story to tell!

GMs will find plenty of advice to help prepare their adventurers for the hard choices ahead, as well as suggestions for linking this JumpStart to Suzerain’s other settings.

Adventure awaits!


Suzerain Infomancer

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