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Hello Suzerainians.

I just got back from my annual vacation, and now that I'm back in the office it appears we have a heap of things to talk about!

Before I went on vay-cay I got the good news that we were live on the Fantasy Grounds store with updated versions of our realm intro packs. There's new material added, the existing content has been tweaked and improved, and lots of stuff has changed... except the price. They're still free by clicking the link in the product description.

Here are some links for you:

Noir Knights Intro Pack

Set Rising Intro Pack

Caladon Falls Intro Pack

Clockwork Dreams Intro Pack

Dungeonlands Intro Pack

Dogs of Hades Intro Pack

Have fun and enjoy. It's on the house! Thanks go to Ellspeth on the Discord community for putting these packs together and for their wonderful updates.

Speaking of free product, before I went on vacation we'd released four of the seven JumpStarts for Suzerain Legends in PDF format. While i was away I managed a little time to work on the remaining three, so expect progress reports on them very soon.

"Then what?" you may ask.

The next stage is to dive back into our core primer and rules document, making adjustments from things we've learned by doing the JumpStarts. This was always meant to be a living document, continuously improving, and the plan is to have a new version out this summer. That revision triggers three things:

1) We Kickstart a deluxe print version of the core Suzerain Legends rules.

2) We convert the core rules and primer to Fantasy Grounds.


3) We begin work on the first major content pack linked to the Legends Awaken story line and focusing on the different races you can play in the Suzerain universe (and there are a lot!).

In among all that we'll continue to work with you to give you the best Suzerain games possible. That never changes, so if there's any way we can help you to that goal then drop me, Howard or Clyde a message.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

Please ask us questions and make comments. We have a Facebook group and Discord server. We love to hear your thoughts, about Savage Mojo, about Suzerain, or about anything gaming-related in fact! We also have a Patreon account, our "tip jar with benefits".

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