JumpStart #3

Hello Suzerainians.

It's time for the release of our third JumpStart adventure, complete with a bit of world lore and some new options for your heroes. There's a new racial template if you fancy playing as a were-bear, a new Arcane Background (the enigmatic Ley Line Whisperer), the Battlefield Angel Edge, a new set of armor and stats for a huge minigun.

As usual, there's a matching set of six pregen characters for you, too. Those are also available right now. Here are a couple of links for you:

Wilderlands JumpStart

Wilderlands Character Pack

As with all the JumpStarts and Character Packs from Savage Mojo, these are free downloads. All we ask is that you tell us how you like them and leave a rating or review on DriveThruRPG. Those make a huge difference to us, so I'll thank you in advance for taking a few moments to do that.

Next up will be the Dungeonlands JumpStart, a chance to pit yourself against our old school killer dungeon!

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

Please ask us questions and make comments. We have a Facebook group and Discord server. We love to hear your thoughts, about Savage Mojo, about Suzerain, or about anything gaming-related in fact! We also have a Patreon account, our "tip jar with benefits".

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