JumpStart #1

Hello Suzerainians.

It feels like we've been on a great adventure together, and the new edition of Suzerain is barely started! With great fanfare I'm proud to announce that our Shaintar JumpStart is available for download from DriveThruRPG, together with a character pack of pre-gen heroes so you can get playing right away.

We had planned for the core primer & rules book to be out before Christmas (it was) and for the seven JumpStarts to be ready for the end of February (they weren't). There were all sorts of reasons for the delay, but the big one was that as we produced the JumpStarts we began to see many new ways to hone the core of Suzerain Legends. We also saw opportunities for future development. Both of those are wonderful but are a surefire way to slow things down a whole heap.

To give you an example, we knew that we wanted races to be templates and to work a certain way (to have progression options through Edges as characters hit higher ranks, for instance). We explored those thoughts with the wolfen race in the core book and it felt good. We then started creating pre-gen character packs for all seven lands we're focusing on right now, and that meant adding new races for some of those characters. As we expanded the race options for the JumpStarts and pre-gen character packs, we were faced with the massive interconnectedness of it all. To create a few races for our pre-gen heroes we had to make sure our plan was scalable to dozens of races while maintaining game balance.

The rules team have put weeks of work into races, some of which won't pay off for a long time, but it's worth it. And that's just one example. Similar things were happening with Arcane Backgrounds, with weapons and armor, with a wide variety of game systems. Ultimately we're better off for it, and we've still reached launch day on the first JumpStart with our sanity in tact. Expect more JumpStarts in the coming days and weeks until you have the full cycle of seven.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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