Wiseguys Crossover

Hello Suzerainians.

Congratulations to Eric, Morne and their group of wiseguys at Just Insert Imagination. They hit their funding target for their new Savage Worlds sourcebook: Wiseguys is all about organized crime, and looks like it'll be a lot of fun. You can check out the Kickstarter here if you aren't already a backer.

To celebrate with Eric and "the boys", Savage Mojo is announcing that we're doing a crossover adventure / mini-sourcebook to introduce a new organized crime faction to the Suzerain universe... The Falafel Syndicate. Here's the back cover text to tease what it's all about:

The universe has problems – big problems. Dark gods have vanished, up to no good. The Tempest has arrived and plans to burn everything to the ground. And now there are these wiseguys, looking to grow a criminal empire out of the cosmic chaos.

It started with an innocent-looking falafel stand in the post-apocalyptic Wilderlands. The four-armed mutant did a little business, helped some friends out. Bada bing bada boom, the syndicate was born.

What’s the Falafel Syndicate cooking up?

In the cyberpunk city of Gatherall, a four-armed cyborg has set up a street-corner falafel shack. He trades information alongside the garlic sauce, impossible facts from outside the city’s barrier. It’s your job to infiltrate the Syndicate and follow the information, wherever it leads.

In this adventure you can expect to put on the apron of the Falafel Syndicate as an undercover law enforcement agent. Travel the universe, uncover the dirtiest secrets. It’s time to learn Uncle Mario’s recipe for carnage.

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Publisher, Savage Mojo


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