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Hello Suzerainians!

Today I want to talk about maps some more. A good map adds a lot to a game, so lots of maps add... more than lots. Really, there's no upper limit to how many neat maps you should have.

With that in mind, I'm making two announcements to help you get your map fix today:

First, I'm excited by the launch of two Savage Mojo map packs for Fantasy Grounds, lovingly compiled by Jeannette - so kudos and thanks to her. The first is a collection of fantasy locations (you can get that by using this link, or this one if you want it on Steam). The second is a collection of terrain and battleground locations (here's the link to that one, or here if you prefer Steam).

Secondly, I'll draw your attention to Kickstarter for a moment. Kris at Game Tile Warehouse is a member of the Savage Mojo family who does wonderful maps and they're really flexible. Print 'n play, virtual tabletop, grid or no grid, square, hex, day, night, shuffle 'em up and reconfigure them as you like. Well, he's just started a new crowdfunding campaign for a set of 220+ maps for fantasy cities. I know, right!?! He's already funded and trending to great things, and no surprise. You can catch up with his campaign by following this link.

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