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Hello Suzerainians!

Today I'm delighted to announce that more wholesome gaming goodness is coming your way. Savage Mojo and Sigil Entertainment are putting it together and you'll find a full Suzerain adventure, plus a "creature feature" article, in the first issue of The Savage Sign.

It's going to be a fun one too, taking Suzerain heroes from around the universe and pitting them against our old school killer dungeon of Dungeonlands. This adventure will link into the events of our Dungeonlands JumpStart too, effectively adding an eighth part to our JumpStart cycle of adventures.

If you haven't checked out Sigil's Kickstarter for The Savage Sign, the link is above. Go do the clickty click thing and see all their awesome. Do it now - they're in the final days!

I'll leave you with the overview of what the adventure's about:

The heavy blade misses your head by a whisker as your friends grab you, pulling you back off the pressure plate to safety. Too close! There's a reason they call this a killer dungeon.

Welcome to the Suzerain universe, which is a bit like our universe but with magic sprinkled on top, baked for 30 minutes in the supervillain's death beam, and thinly sliced by a cyborg's laser. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and demigod - there's something for everyone.

But how does a group of heroes from all corners of reality come together to have great adventures in the first place? For every epic ending there's an awesome backstory, and this is yours:

You've been tasked by an inter-realm agency of heroes to stop the universe's worst bad guys from getting into the most dangerous dungeon ever created.

That means busting into the same dungeon, surviving long enough to set up a base camp, and scouting the area for the bad guys' portal. Whether you wield a sword, assault rifle or the arcane arts, whether you're a soldier, superhero or cyberpunk, it's time to lock and load… or, you know, the arcane equivalent.

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