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Hello Suzerainians!

We've been busy beaverans (no, that's not an official Suzerain race... at least, not yet!) and I'm delighted to say that we're well on the way to having our cycle of seven JumpStart books ready, one for each of the man realms and lands we'll be focusing on with Suzerain Legends.

it was important to us to create more than just one "Suzerain JumpStart" - that simply wouldn't give people a chance to feel what really makes each setting special. Suzerain is a container for settings, a swank travel bag to hold them all at your gaming table. It's Shaintar and Austeria, Wilderlands and Gatherall that are the stars of the show, and we want you to feel that.

Of course that means seven times the work. More, in fact, because we're also putting extra effort into making the seven link together in a cycle of adventures so that you can play them as a campaign or as a giant, seven session prelude to a campaign. Let me tell you how that works and I'd love to read your feedback on the usual channels.

In our JumpStart cycle, each adventure sees a group of Seasoned Rank heroes following a story with a series of encounters. At the end, every one has a portal opening to another realm or land. What's beyond? You decide, but it could be one of the other JumpStarts. In fact, we recommend one that would fit really well with the events your heroes have just experienced. Just as this group of heroes looks through the portal you make a choice: continue with these heroes, or pause time for them and instead pick up the next JumpStart and play through that adventure through the eyes of the local heroes there. When you get to the end of that adventure, once again you pause time just as the heroes gaze through the portal and instead start the next JumpStart, and so on until the whole cycle is done and you open a portal back to the first realm.

In that moment you and your group pause time on the final group of heroes and choose which heroes they had most fun with. You go back to that group and take them through the portal, to whichever realm or land you liked most as a setting. That's where your campaign begins.

I'm super pleased with the way this feels, partly because it showcases the realm-hopping possibilities of Suzerain while keeping each JumpStart focused on the adventure in one place. I think you'll like it too, mostly because you always have options. You don't have to do the seven JumpStarts as a cycle. You can just play one and carry on in that realm or land. You don't have to change out groups of heroes if you like the ones you play in the first session. You can choose the order you play the adventures in.

Best of all, these JumpStarts are full detailed adventures with a full set of pre-gen characters, and each one will be free. Together with the core rulebook you'll have all the material to experience a lot of what Suzerain has to offer. Any money you put in the tip jar is appreciated, but don't feel like you have to do that. Reading and playing the adventures is all we ask.

As you can imagine, all this requires a lot of work, but I'll give you another update next week where hopefully I'll be showing you a sneak peek inside one or two of the JumpStarts themselves.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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