Welcoming Kris

Hello Suzerainians!

I have something of a special update today. I'm delighted to welcome Kris from gametilewarehouse.com to the Savage Mojo family. Kris is a prolific map-maker from Down Under (I won't make jokes about maps with South at the top; I'm too much of a Kiwi to get away with that). His amazing series of maps give you mind-blowing potential for every imaginable environment and when you get one, it comes ready for print-to-play, for online play in virtual tabletops, with clean, gridded and hexed versions.

Seriously, it's the VIP treatment, and they couldn't come from a nicer bloke.

Kris is doing the combat maps for our various books, which you'll start to see in the JumpStarts we're shortly releasing. If you want a copy of the map that's in the adventure, just head over to his website using the link in the book credits and it'll take you right to the map we're using, easy as pie.

Really, though, if you don't go check out his collection right now then you're doing yourself wrong. There are no rip-offs there - every map is amazing value, and you can get bundles that make it even better.

I look forward to shining a spotlight on more of Kris' work regularly.

Happy gaming,


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