Giving Thanks

Hello Suzerainians!

For those of us based in the USA, this is the time when we gather with our tribe and give thanks for all the things we might take for granted the rest of the year. At Savage Mojo we do likewise. This is my time to say thank you to the wonderful Suzerain community, both the fans and developers who help make the Suzerain universe possible and keep adding to it throughout the year. You're all my heroes.

In other news, Howard posted a great set of eulogies for the fallen members of his Alpha Team who are hitting the five year mark on their storied adventures. Along the way they've been written about in the mainstream press and their campaign has even become an award winner. Still, the path of the heroes hasn't been easy, as witnessed by some of the heartbreaking losses along the way. Give thanks that you're not a member of Alpha Team in the city of Echer'Naught this week!

This week also saw the first session of the rules team's public beta campaign for Suzerain Legends using SWADE rules. The campaign runs online on Monday evenings (US time) and is set as a series of interleaved one shot adventures. You're welcome to join in - just gather on our Discord server and ping @HowardBrandon if you want to join a session any Monday for the coming weeks. We'd love to have your opinion on how it plays.

As publisher of Savage Mojo I rarely get a chance to run public games, but an opportunity has come that's too good to turn down. There's a campaign in the cyberpunk setting of Gatherall whose story arc is winding down and it's a really good group of players, so I've offered to take over the campaign when it closes down. There are a couple of slots available in that intrepid team of aspiring heroes, so if you would like a weekly fix of cyberpunkery then join the conversation on our Discord server's gatherall-talk channel as we settle the logistics for this online game.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo


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