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Hello Suzerainians!

Lots to talk about today in the lands of Suzerain, so let's dive right in.

First things first, a huge "Congratulations!" to Shane, Jodi and the crew at Pinnacle. What a great Kickstarter campaign for the new edition of Savage Worlds. You may have noticed a bunch of shout outs for Suzerain settings that will have Jumpstarts (those are free quick-play booklets). We'll be doing seven in total, so you'll have plenty of free material to try out all the different places we're developing with Suzerain Legends initially.

Howard has asked me to remind you that we want you to get involved with the Legends Awaken initiative, and given the play testing for Suzerain Legends, there's no better time to have an impact on a published world. You can make all the difference. Get in touch with Howard to find out what opportunities he has available - seriously, there's some cool stuff right now. How to get in touch? As always you can find the ways at the bottom of the front page of savagemojo.com

Clyde wants me to mention the campaign session submission form. If you're running a legends Awaken game you'll want your heroes' actions immortalized in the official lore of your realm, right? To do that you need to tell us a little about those amazing events. Ping Clyde or Howard on Facebook, Discord or the website to find out how. Here's where I tip my hat to Clyde for the amazing job he's done in making the session report form so easy to use. Thank you, Clyde!

Finally, I'd like to say how excited I am for the end of the month. It's a milestone for us all, the fifth anniversary of the most storied Legends Awaken campaign of them all, the Echer'Naught Alpha Team. Their heroic adventures have won awards, been featured in the mainstream press, and are beloved by every player who has been a part of that team over the years. "This isn’t 'just a game'. In fact, it’s so much more than that," and, "I don't think I will ever be able to stop playing this game," are just two of the players' less gushing comments.

I'll leave you with one of Alpha Team's thoughts on the Legends Awaken experience: "I highly suggest to anyone who is curious or wants to join a tabletop RPG to try it, because the world may just become a better place because of it." For real, folks, if you aren't in a regular Legends Awaken group, you should come see what all the fuss is about.

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