Play Test Ready

Hello Suzerainians!

We've really had the wind in our sails here at Suzerain HQ. Hats off to the rules team for bringing together all their hard work from the last three months. Thanks to them I'm ready to announce that our beta play test document is complete. We have a few gaming groups lined up to do testing in various realms, so if you want to join in an online game to try it out (and give us feedback of course) then get in touch through Facebook, Discord, or by direct message (all those are just a click away, at the bottom of the front page of And if you have a gaming group, either local or online, then we'd love to invite your whole group to come play test.

For those who join in, you'll get a copy of the beta play test rules for Suzerain Legends plus a summary sheet of all the changes happening in Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. We've been working with the full rulebook in recent days to make sure we're fully compatible, and have permission to share a summary of what's inside with you (on the understanding that you'll keep its contents secret among our developers and the play test community).

This is, therefore, an opportunity to get an early feel for SWADE as well as the new edition of Suzerain, a double win.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you joining in the play test, as players of awesome heroes, GMs of awesome campaigns, or both.

Happy gaming,


Publisher, Savage Mojo


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