New Release & More

Hello Suzerainians!

We released a new product this week, the Fantasy Grounds version of the Suzerain Adventure Deck. This isn't just a couple of cards to add to the generic Savage Worlds adventure deck - it's a whole new deck full of fun new cards and awesome art. Kudos to Kerry Harrison for the conversion.

Additionally, there's a load of Savage Mojo goodies on sale as part of the DriveThruRPG Halloween sale, including core Suzerain for Pathfinder, Nocturne for 13th Age, and both the Knights books: Noir Knights and Millennium Knights. It's a great way to get great roleplay goodness for cheap!

Behind the scenes we're moving fast on core rules for our new edition of Suzerain to fit in with Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition (great to see that doing so well on Kickstarter right now). Congrats to Shane and the crew for their success, which benefits all of us. A healthy Savage Worlds community is what we all want to see.

And that's all for this week. We're still looking for a few people to help share some of the community tasks around Suzerain and the Legends Awaken initiative, so don't be shy to say hello (using the aptly named hello@savagemojo.com email address perhaps), even if you can just spare an hour or two each week.

Happy gaming,


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