Interview: Take Two

Hello Suzerainians!

Fridays is when the folks at Fantasy Grounds jump onto YouTube and do a show they call... Fantasy Grounds Fridays. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly how I started a new article just a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, because of technical difficulties our host had to cut that show short. Fortunately, we get to do it for real this Friday, the 5th of October.

On the show we'll be discussing life, love, and the pursuit of... no, wait. Different show. This Friday I'll be talking with Doug and Dave about Suzerain's upcoming edition, teasing some secrets, spilling other secrets, and explaining why I'm so passionate about our Legends Awaken initiative. There will be irreverent and possible irrelevant banter. It'll be fun times.

Noon Eastern US time. Be there or be a d6. Or go there later and watch the vod - that works too.

Oh right, a linky link. Here you go: <click here for Fantasy Grounds Funday>


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