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In the past week we've had a few conversations around Savage Mojo that started in one of the following ways:

"Suzerain is awesome. I love the idea of [insert name of favorite realm]. I really want to be a part of a game in that realm."


"[insert name of friend] told me about what you're doing and it sounds great. I wanted to come and see what it's all about."

We want to help you be a part of the Suzerain realms, of course. We also want to help everyone get answers to their questions (usually starting with, "What is Suzerain?" which isn't too tough, then progressing to, "What is Legends Awaken?" which can take a bit more to grasp).

Within the team we also had a discussion about the coming weeks. It's a unique time, that stage where we're developing the material for a new edition of Suzerain, so we're super busy, but we also want to keep being as helpful as possible while promoting Suzerain to new gamers and giving extra perks and benefits to the fans.

There's one activity which covers all of those bases at once: testing.

To get the best rules. To develop detail in Suzerain's realms and lands. To show people what we're all about. To help spread the word. To give people great games where we offer cool extra stuff.

We could do with running at least one campaign in each of the major lands of the two main realms that launch with the new edition. If you want to do some gaming then less us know - there's a contact form on the front page of the website, and the Legends Awaken Facebook group, and our discord channel - we're not hard to find. We'll help hook you up with a campaign, either as the GM or as a player.

This is a rare opportunity, to be among the developers as they craft the rules and lore of a new edition. And we definitely treat our test groups as a part of the team. We value every one of you - if you choose to join in, thank you.


Publisher, Savage Mojo

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