New Website

Here it is. After all the blood, sweat and tears (that was a nasty paper cut I got along the way) we finally have a new website for Savage Mojo, Suzerain and Legends Awaken. It's simpler to navigate, simpler to maintain, and super pretty.

As we gear up for the beta phase of development on Suzerain Legends we're overhauling all our venues on the intertubes. Yes, that means less overlapping Facebook groups and pages. Maybe <whispers> just one. Less websites. Maybe <you guessed it> just one. This one.

Cutting the excess is a great way for us to focus on what matters - communicating with you, the heroes of the universe. We might actually dust off that Twitter account and start using it. Youtube channel gone rusty through disuse? Tumbleweed tumbling through our Google+ page? Expect a serious renovation of all our social venues, and if it doesn't fit then we'll click the naughty X button and dissolve those pixels for good. Leaner, cleaner (but probably not meaner), this is the new Savage Mojo.

I would do some kind of ceremony, cut a ribbon and make a speech, but this is the internet so we'll skip the formalities. Besides, nobody's going to trust me with sharp implements after that paper cut....

Welcome, and happy Suzeraining!


Publisher, Savage Mojo


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