Suzerain Realms - Starfall

Mortal realms, god realms, realms of great spirits… we've talked about them all but there's one we need to discuss in a lot more detail: Starfall, the realm of high fantasy.

The Hidden Realm

There's a deep-seated need among humanity for something fantastical in our life. We all feel the lure of epic, magic-laced stories. Maybe some god somewhere should have wondered why there wasn't a Great Spirit of High Fantasy with a realm in the Maelstrom, but nobody did. Heck, I'm a hero who was born from the Elnaar race in the high fantasy land of Austeria and I never wondered about it.

Then the Tempest turned up and soon started digging portals into the Veil. Not through the Veil, but into it. Everybody had assumed the Veil was an infinitesimally thin barrier between the mortal realms and the Maelstrom and that portals were just holes punched through it. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

As it turns out, inside the Veil there's room for an entire realm, and not just any realm - a realm so big that it's really a heap of realms stitched together. Or maybe they were once a single realm and it got sundered into pieces; that depends on the lore you believe.

Starfall is an impossibly bright orb of purest Pulse, like a star surrounded by the misty Veil. Unlike a star it has a surface, like the crust of a giant planet, and that crust is broken into lands separated by Starfall's shining Pulse. If you live in one of these lands you'd have no idea the others existed. They each have their own rules of magic, their own cultures, their own monstrous beasties. The one thing they share is this: they all represent high fantasy, soaked in magic by the colossal Pulse battery that is the core of Starfall. And nobody knew this was here, hidden by somebody… some god or gods most likely… for reasons unknown.

The Fae Land

Fae Land of Dreams deserves a special mention among the Starfall lands. The fae races live sealed in their own bubble where the lords and ladies of the sidhe and unsidhe courts rule the flip-sides of a single plane. At first glance it can feel perfectly normal, with idyllic forests and meadows and perfectly charming folk all around, but don't let that fool you.

This place is a magical creation from top to bottom and you can't take anything for granted. Strange things happen all the time. For instance, the death of the Duke of Crossed Gears created an entire steampunk sub-realm called Mechadia at the spot he died, created from the inspiration dreams of every 19th century inventor who'd fascinated the Duke throughout his life. That's what the Fae Land's like.

There may be portals into the Fae Land but the only reliable way in (or out) is to dream your way through the aether that surrounds the Fae Land, and for that you need a friendly fae.


If MR23 has three major lands (Wilderlands, Untamed Empires and Austeria), and one micro land (Gatherall) then Dungeonlands is the micro land equivalent in Starfall. It's a pocket land created by a now-dead lich queen of immense magical potency. She left Austeria at the height of her power and conjured a puzzle box of infinite complexity inside which she hid her personal palace. Constantly reconfiguring itself, the levels of Dungeonlands are designed to be a death trap for every group of adventurers foolish enough to descent the spiral stairs in hope of finding magical riches, or freeing the angel Anat, or seeking the thrill of the challenge.

The lich is gone, the puzzle box remains. There are still magical riches to gather, prisoners to free, and one heck of a thrill ride if you fancy that kind of challenge. Not every dungeon is constructed equal, but every corner of Dungeonlands is equally deadly.

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