Suzerain Realms - Mortal & Maelstrom

The realms of Suzerain are the basic building blocks of the universe. Each realm represents a point in space and time where things are happening. It doesn't matter whether it's medieval Earth or the world tree Yggdrasil, home of the Norse gods. If there's adventuring and questing to be done, that's a realm. Each realm may have one or more nexus points. What's that? Okay, jargon busting time:

Genres, Themes and Nexus Points

A nexus point is an anchor in reality based around a particular place and time, a set of events, an item or individual, or even - like the SPA in the 20th century - an organization. These anchors are tough to change. They stop history getting too warped by time traveling heroes - or villains.

They're also useful hooks for your own heroic adventures. If you want a campaign investigating the supernatural then maybe set it around the SPA. Want a reference point when jumping from realm to realm in a string of one-session adventures? Perhaps consider a villain who's a nexus point, bringing their brand of bad news to multiple realms while the plucky heroes chase them down. Circa in Suzerain's first edition was exactly that type of villain and a nexus for all sorts of evil. A bunch of heroes nuked him, along with the city of Shanghai and eight million vampires in the second edition, so you'll have to come up with your own villainous nexus point in Suzerain Legends.

The Suzerain universe has plenty of room for different types of adventure. Sci-fi vs fantasy, epic vs comedy (vs epic comedy), fast-paced action vs slow-paced political drama. The choice is always yours, and don't feel like you have to limit yourself - change it up whenever it suits you.

Realms are given codenames by the Awakened and are often flashpoints between Awakened and Tempest forces. If none of that makes any sense to you, there are Suzerain Basics articles to help you out.

Just like Suzerain Basics, I'll hand over to Umbra now and she can give you a more in-depth briefing.


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Hello heroes.

There's a little more to it than MMK said, but realms aren't that difficult to understand.

Put simply, a realm is a chunk of the universe centered around one theme. Ancient Earth covers everything from the first civilizations through to the fall of the Roman Empire. Plus or minus. Give or take. It's not like there's a barrier at one exact moment in history and an obnoxious pencil-neck spirit from the Realm of Bureaucracy refusing to let you through unless you fill out the appropriate transition forms in triplicate to justify why you should be allowed from Ancient Earth to the Middle Ages.

That said, some realms have pretty firm boundaries. For example, Mount Olympus has a gateway you pass through, Shadeside has a huge wall around it, and the Fae Land is surrounded by impassable Æther - you want in, you'll need to fall asleep and have the help of a willing fae.

By the way, those pencil-necks are one of the greatest hazards a hero can face in the spirit world. Steer clear of them at all cost. When they channel their Red Tape special ability, they actually slow time for you and weeks will pass while you're filing a simple requisition form. I'm just saying, Tempest servitors aren't the only thing to fear out there.

Realms fall into two categories: mortal and Maelstrom realms. Let's start with the mortal realms. They're probably more familiar, but we've still got some interesting wrinkles to discuss.

Heroes tend to slice the physical universe not by geography, but by history. I mentioned the Ancient Earth and Middle Ages realms but that's true of every time period, right up to the End Times. I'll talk about that piece of mythology in its own section, because when gods have myths you know it's going to be a big deal. Given the Tempest situation, it might be THE big deal.

I want to focus on some of the mortal realms where we've seen incursions by servitors of the Tempest. If a mortal realm is associated with a particular century, we name it by that century and the letters MR. Thus, MR20 is the realm associated with the 20th century, and that's a pretty good place to start my next article.


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