Suzerain Basics - What Is Suzerain?

So you want to be a hero, huh? Fancy the power of a demigod in your fingertips maybe? How's about <whispers> becoming a god? Oh yeah, that's the good stuff for sure. I can show you the way, my friend… but you've just got to do one little thing for me. One little thing.

Save the universe.

That's it. Simple as that. After all, there's no way to be a god if there's nothing to become a god of, is there? We'll get to that, though. First, let me show you around a bit. You've got questions, I've got answers. Knowledge is power, the power to stop lightning-tentacled horrors from frying your brain and snuffing out all existence. But don't worry about that for now. There's a lot of universe to talk about. You need to know what you're saving.

MMK gave you nice bite-size chunks about Suzerain as a game setting and that's nice, but you're here for some answers with a bit of bite. Careful; in the Suzerain universe some of those answers might bite hard. Still, if I'm Awakened and you're a budding hero then we can put that fourth wall back up and I'll give you the rookie pep talk.

What Is Suzerain?

Picture the universe - stars and planets, galaxies spinning around. Very pretty. Now come back to Earth, the beating heart of humanity. Look back at history, from first life to the rise of mankind, to the hectic days of the 21st century and onward and onward. That's a lot happening, eh? But you've barely scratched the surface. Dig deeper.

There, the man in the middle of that disaster, lifting stone blocks with superhuman strength to save his loved ones. And there, that woman having her prayers answered. And over there, that child who can sense when danger is about to walk around the corner. Look closer still; the haunted house with real ghosts, the signals from space, people with gems in their forehead who travel through time.

They're quite important, actually, and that's where you come in.

That's not all, though. The physical universe is known as the "mortal realms" and covers the flow of mortal time. However, there's another layer on top of that like a snug quilt on a bedtime story. That's the spirit world. For those who can see into it, it's a dream-like silvery version of the physical world. That's where you'll meet those ghosts on their home ground, and they're not the weirdest thing, not by a long stretch.

The spirit world pushes out beyond the limits of the physical world, across a barrier called The Veil, and off into the eternity of the Maelstrom. That's where the pantheons of gods have their private realms. And there are the realms of the great spirits. And… anyway, you get the idea. There's more to the universe than spinning galaxies. The supernatural is perfectly natural if you stop to take it all in. There are gods, yes there are. Humans made them without even realizing it, but they sustain humankind too. It's a universe-sized balancing act, and it could all end at any moment.

That's why you're going to stick that gemstone in your forehead and fight like fury itself.


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