Suzerain Basics - The Pulse Of All Things

I get it. One day you're blissfully, wondrously, ignorant. Such a cute innocent in a fluffy little universe. The next day you do an itty-bitty heroic act and suddenly you've got a gemstone talking directly to your brain, a woman telling you to shove that gemstone into your forehead, and the weight of the universe on your shoulders.

Suck it up, princess. It is what it is, and there's no going back now. You took the red pill and loved the flavor. It tastes of heroism with a hint of danger. I know - I've been there. We all have, all of us Awakened.

The important thing is this: you're a Tempest magnet right now. Your Pulse and that of your Telesma is shining bright in the spirit world, and it's only a matter of time before one of the Tempest's trackers finds you. I'm going to give you a crash course in Pulse, the cosmos and everything - then you have to choose a path.

Magic Inside Us All

The pulse of all things. Pulse for short. I've thrown that word around like it's a regular thing, and actually it is. It has always been a part of the universe. Pulse is the energy of the soul. In the early 21st century a lab of scientists discovered this source of energy and started studying it. Like harnessing lightning, soon people were looking for uses for this energy which seemed to ebb and flow to its own rhythm through all matter. You can see why the scientists named it the pulse of all things.


It could be harnessed to fuel lamps and machines, sure. It could be channeled through tiny pathways in special material to make computers (the material was a ceramic called celestium rather than silicon, and the computers were massively more powerful than silicon technology could ever deliver). Electricity was done. Pulse was the future.

Those 21st century humans, they missed the point. If only they could cross into the spirit world and see the Pulse signature of inanimate objects (very faint), plants (somewhat brighter), animals (bright) and sentient species/spirits (very bright). If only they could cross the Veil to the Maelstrom! They'd see clouds of Pulse stretching to eternity. In the Underrealm they'd see souls fade into raw Pulse and raw Pulse being shaped into souls for new mortals.

Most of all, though, I'd love to see the look on their face when a wizard fires off a spell or a priest empowers a divine prayer, when a hero channels the strength of ten people by tapping their Pulse, or a wind wraith consumes its Pulse to move faster than… the wind.


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