Suzerain Basics - About The Books

Suzerain Legends is being released as a series of travel journals and informational flyers. They're written by four narrators who are Awakened themselves and have their own take on the universe. They don't have perfect knowledge, so neither will you. They scribble in the margins and glue messy notes written in terrible handwriting to the pages. They sketch useful things as they see them, and send them your way so you might know a little more about a little more.

The big picture will reveal itself over time, so if you're looking for a giant high school text book which tells you ALL THE TRUTHS about the setting as you snore your way through it… this isn't that game. The narrators have plenty to teach, plenty to create amazing heroes and run awesome campaigns, but they can be irreverent and sometimes downright sassy. They don't always agree with each other. And sometimes they break the fourth wall and talk directly at you like you’re a player or a GM, not a superhero. We tell them not to, but you know how heroes get when you tell them not to do something.

For now you can get a look at beta material for Suzerain Legends on our Discord server, where we share what we're doing with the community. After launch (no, we're not ready to launch yet), you'll be able to find our books on DriveThruRPG. We're also planning a Patreon if you're interested in those along with all manner of special access to the development team (but only in their capacity as RPG developers).

Meanwhile, the current edition of Suzerain is up on our DriveThruRPG store, and we plan to continue making it available. After all, those campaigns and settings are pretty amazing, award winning books, and there will be a heck of a lot of hero hours to be had from any one of them, even with Suzerain Legends coming soon.


I mentioned that Suzerain Legends will deliver its content as a series of travel journals and informational flyers, and so let me introduce you to Umbra, who lives in the Suzerain universe. Her role as an Awakened hero is to train new recruits and offer deep recon on the realm-by-realm situation. There's nobody better to tell you what's going on, so let me hand over to Umbra from here on out. After all, I'm just a publisher at a gaming company - she's a true hero. Can't compete with that!

The stage is yours, Umbra.

Thanks MMK. I promise I'll try not to break the fourth wall very often. Now, let's start with a little background on me. It might give you an idea of what life's like in the Suzerain universe.

I was born into a tough world. The Second Age of the land of Austeria isn't very forgiving. As an Elnaar I trained hard with sword, shield and javelin, learned the discipline of being part of a fighting legion, and that was just my spare time as a teenager. It's the life of every Elnaar.

As a young adult I saved one of the great tree forts by being heroic at the Battle of Verda. Really, I was too stubborn to die and just plain lucky. The universe decided that was enough for me to be a hero, and that's why my Telesma spirit introduced me to the rest of the universe. I know, I know. Awakened, Austeria, Elnaar, Telesma - we'll get around to all that soon enough.

Along the way I met a man in New Orleans who channeled arcane magic through a deck of playing cards and I was hooked. He taught me everything he knew, and not just about the cards. I mellowed as a person, turned into a half-decent wizard and, as he lay on his deathbed, I promised I'd help other new heroes make the transition when they awakened.

That's what I'm doing here with you. What's your story?


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