Suzerain Basics - Publisher's Overview

Hi. I'm MMK, the publisher at Savage Mojo. Welcome to the Suzerain experience. Let me give you the two minute overview of Suzerain before handing over to Umbra for a lot more of the detail. Buckle up and take a deep breath - it's going to be one heck of a ride.

Before we get to the main event, though, let's answer the question in the title - what on Earth is Suzerain? Well, for starters it's not just on Earth, but that's a nuance and we need some big picture for this to work.

Suzerain's a tabletop RPG meta-setting for Savage Worlds and 13th Age, which means it's made of multiple settings all linked together. Your game group can play in any of our "realms", make up one of your own, or switch between realms whenever it suits you.

There's been a Suzerain universe for over 20 years. The first edition introduced the idea of a few realms but mostly stayed in mortal time and space. Dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, historical settings, the modern world, sci-fi futures, and all that jazz. Travel to different time periods was the main part of it, but visits to the realms of gods and great spirits were limited.

The second edition, ten years later, opened up much more of the Maelstrom (that's the bit of the universe where you'll find pantheons of gods and much more) as well as exploring alternate realities. There were many campaigns published, each in a new realm or a new part of a realm you thought you knew.

In each edition you played a different type of hero with supernatural powers. The new edition, Suzerain Legends, takes the universe and presents it with a twist. This time you're Awakened, a hero with a symbiotic bond with a spirit stone in your forehead and a universe-wide enemy to fight. Fight local, fight global, fight universal… the choice is yours, but the Awakened are the first and last line of defense against the Tempest (they're the bad guys).

Tone And Theme

The Suzerain universe has a story running through it. You can ignore that and just enjoy the realms in all their detail, but as time passes things happen in Suzerain and change the universe. We do that through the Legends Awaken initiative, our free-to-join organization where gamers around the world have Suzerain adventures and we actually change the official timeline of the universe based on those adventures. If you ever wanted your hero immortalized in a living game world, we do that. Neat, eh?

Your chosen setting could be Victorian England or a starship on a five year mission or the Sunfire Domain, the home of Ra's techno-Egyptian pantheon. But what's the tone? What's the theme? At its heart, Suzerain makes you a superhero fighting against the evil plots of some serious villains. Doesn't matter whether you're a cyber-enhanced raccoon-man or a barbarian who knows the riddle of steel. You'll still get awesome powers. You'll be expected to make a difference. Things may get bad (really bad if the dice are against you) but there's always hope.


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