Suzerain Legends isn’t one RPG, it’s every RPG. In Suzerain Legends you are a hero battling the invading forces of elemental evil across multiple realms, from high fantasy to the fae lands, from cyberpunk alleyways to the wastelands of the post-apocalypse and more. 

There are so many worlds for you to explore and so many heroic roles to undertake. You are one of the few with the power to make a difference and to bring solace to a universe besieged by the Tempest’s darkness. 

Never has your help been needed more!

It's no secret. These are tough times for independent creatives. I work with a lot of fabulous freelancers to make Suzerain come to life, and I know we're all struggling in this locked-down world. There's a real risk that many small studios and one-person companies won't make it. Unless we get your help. 

Whether you back this Kickstarter or another indie project, your pledges help keep hobby gaming vibrant and varied and wondrous. Thank you for your support. That was always true, but never more than now. 

You are my true heroes. 

Creator of the Suzerain universe.


For example; our "20 Years Of Suzerain" MEGA Bundle is incredible value and only available as part of this Kickstarter.


We're putting together all the key titles from the Continuum Edition: Caladon Falls, Dogs of Hades, Clockwork Dreams, Set Rising, Noir Knights, Millennium Knights, Tomb of the Lich Queen, Machine of the Lich Queen, Palace of the Lich Queen, Shaintar: Legends Arise, Shaintar: Legends Unleashed, ENnie-winning Shanghai Vampocalypse and the Continuum Edition core campaign book.

That's a lot of awesome gaming!

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