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Z’ahara Redclaw


Z’ahara Redclaw is a Brinchie Plain-Strider who stands at 6’11” and weighs 360 pounds. She has Large Cat Form and resembles a Strawberry/Golden Tiger with green eyes. She is a bit of a joker and finds humor in most things, even when she is in battle, and usually has a smirk on her tiger face and slightly raised eyebrow.

Z'ahara wears minimal armor, mostly made of black leather with a silver colored metal in the center of the chest piece. Her arms are bare with the exception of leather bracers trimmed in the same silver. Her legs are only covered with black cloth breeches/leggings so that her speed isn’t inhibited. Her feet are bare - again relying on her racial traits to keep her quick and stealthy. She wears three silver, ornately-decorated rings in each ear and no hat or helmet on her head.

She carries a black satchel with her belongings in it. Attached to the satchel are a variety of herbs that she uses for medicine and amusement. Her weapons she carries in her belt, the bigger ones on each side. They consist of a short sword (the Rrka, I believe) that is much like a curved arakh. The other is the long sword (Lo-sska) that has an ornate silver pommel. Attached to her belt is a small pouch in which she carries simple throwing daggers.

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