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Ark Raiders

Who is Bernard?


Bernard is your typical average guy. Except he’s not a guy and, let’s be honest, she’s far from typical. Bernard is from… someplace she doesn’t really care to remember, where she used to be called… something else, but none of that matters, else she would definitely know about these things! Besides, her real name IS Bernard. Or rather, she’s Baroness Bernard, a very fitting, and proper name, for a lady such as herself.



Bernard prides herself in her engineering skills, which is how she finances her adventures. She’s travelled from… some place, to some other place where they had a lot of mud, then that place with the snakes… oh! And that place one with the weird circus! Jimmy was a real hoot! Anyway, adventures! Because the Baroness is a proper noblewoman and, by definition, she follows a proper code of honour, which includes the serious responsibility to protect the good citizens of these lands and to save the damsels, and damoiseaux, in distress. She isn’t picky. Really.



To assist her, she has her trustworthy Al by her side, a modified three-barrels musket of her own design, because muskets are what musketeers use, and she really likes those stories. Bernard also has her special engineered suit, Montagne, to help her against the enemies of the people! Those cowardly rascals stand no chance against them!



Bernard is usually not too hard to spot. She’s the athletic gal in her mid to late twenties, with the bright ginger mane brought up in scruffy braids into a rough ponytail to keep the hair out of her face when she works. She’s pondered multiple times about shaving the whole thing, but a proper lady needs proper long hair, else where is this world going to? Her bright green eyes show a strong spark of intelligence, though after talking to her a bit, most people recognise that she’s rather special up there, though harmless. Probably. Unless you try to rob her, threaten a citizen or break a law she agrees with. Ah yes, something else to help making sure you’ve got the right ginger! Tattoos. She’s got ‘em! On the arms, on the stomach, on the legs… they might not look all that great from afar, but anyone daring to come and take a closer look, will realise that they aren’t just big blobs of ink, but rather intricate maze-like patterns on her skin.



The engineer/musketeer/noblewoman can usually be found in her workshop, occupying herself with orders and repairs while discussing important matters with her “court”. No, those aren’t people. Or alive. Though there’s a dog that’s been sleeping in a corner of the shop who’s been recently promoted to seneschal. She can also be seen at the pub, mingling with the little people and buying pints to whoever showed her proper deference.

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