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File: Bum-128 Classification Top Secret, SPA LEVEL.

English translation of Bum's personal journal notes, made in the field, during recon mission started september 10th 2027. (For details see files SH-Recon-214 to 218)
Some notes added by main SPA researcher on site. Stylo Pheron.

11/9-27 (September 11th, 2027)
So yesterday after my interview with Stylo. HH(Heath Hemsworth), gathered Otto, Lucky and me for a chat. HH was apparently rather concerned on Bob's behalf. Concerned for a retired school teacher, with just basic military training, during hard combat missions with us. Which I understand perfectly. Expecially since younger and other Null's should be trained as well, and we have been here several months now. Makes us wonder, where his reinforcement is. Otto was up next for interview with Stylo, seems our concerns are correct. I get we are not going to be told everything, but what happens if we lose Bob. Bob has intergrated well into the squad, but we spend ressources in the field, to keep him safe. I have acqusitioned the Captains shield for him, now the Captain have become a desk jockey.(Bum is refering to Captain Amberhill, the platoon commander)
But can see Bob is doing well, in spite of his age, so I am not as concerned as some might be. But still would like to know more.

Recon of the Village in the zone:
- Good recon spot, great visibility, great cover and concealment. But close to path of villagers, that goes up the mountain, so should they wander of path, we might be discovered. But might present a opportunity for us to grab and extract a couple of villagers, when we decide to return to base with our intel.
- Bamboo forest next to village, shows sign of irregularity. Many Mutated Barbarians and villagers dissappear into the forest. The forest should be positively brimming with individuals. But seems to be empty. POI (Point of interest)
- Barbarians paraded themselves on the outskirts of the village. As 3 Flying lion like creatures (See file Manticore-2 for details), came in low thankfully not spotting or smelling us. They landed by the barbarians, and each creature had a rider. Distance made it hard to see details, but seemed regal and tall. One of the riders, had some issues with his stirrup and half fell, when he was dismounting. One of the Barbarians wanted to help him up, was killed for his trouble. As the rider, seemed to summon a green jade like blade, and slit his throat.
Note to self, keep distance to those guys if encountered.

What to do now, going to see what the boss has to say?

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