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Rangers of the Greenway Road

True State of Shaintar 3129


Spring update for the Legends Awaken campaign for Shaintar


A little known city-state on the far western side of the continent, Albrigesh has joined the struggle against the Dragon Cult as the conflict rages along their shared border with Dregordia.



For the past year, the storied city of Almahrad has hosted one of the largest and most successful international summits. Representatives from the Empire, the Dominion, the Desert Princes, Tempest, Xaos, Nazatir, the Archipelagos, the Clan Homes, and even the Rangers have met to discuss the current crises raging across the lands. For the first time, many of the smaller independent nations are on the brink of forming an alliance, not unlike the Southern Kingdoms, if more economic than political. Still, many of the more neutral, and less evil, nations have now dispatched their own emissaries to Olara to discuss international trade lines that would reshape the political and economic landscape of Shaintar.



Two years after retaking Camon, Her Majesty, Avalar 1st, Queen of Camon struggles to consolidate her power base. The Queen’s Own Cavaliers tirelessly patrol the main highways. However, Dukes and Duchesses loyal to the Church of Archanon skirmish with forces of Light, while infestations of Darkness explode into violence across the western lands.


Defiant Lands

The latest reports reveal that Tempest has nearly secured the Defiant lands through a crafty campaign of political intrigue, bribes, and strategic attacks. Many of the formerly independent warlords who so long resisted Kal control seemingly willingly capitulate to these foreign overlords. However, other players are on the move. Whispers of bronze-clad spearmen raizing Tempest keeps burn like wildfire while tentacled monstrosities press from the north.



The Dragon Cult has returned and are gaining ground daily. Rangers, White Silver Wolves, Dregordian tribes, and allies battle throughout the jungles, waging a desperate war to purge the Cult before they can achieve their aims. However, as Dregordia gives ground, Humble’s Rangers stop another Cult from achieving ultimate victory in the Endless Desert.


Dwarvish Clanhomes

The dwarves were content to remain, more or less, isolated. But that was until war was brought to their doors. Now, the Black Mountain dwarves send representatives to Almahard and Olara, the Hellstorm Mountain dwarves send troops to support Albrigesh, and the dwarves of Stalheim and Olara sharpen axes and turn our plate and chain...


Elvish Nations

First the War of Flame, then Vainar's Bane. The Elves have suffered. Landra'Feya rebuilds, while the "Iron Elves" of Tar'Imas militarize at an alarming rate. Even the elves of the Crystal Forest muster standing armies for the first time since the Age of Darkness...


Eternal Desert

The Desert Princes are divided. Birr is still in the hands of the Kal, though the empire’s dream of conquering the desert is all but abandoned now. Mara is free, but agents report Xaos may now reign. So too, the “capital” of A’Tora may well bow to Xaos. A’Morgal is either under the heel of Xaos, the Maelstrom, the Kal, or some new player. And a quiet war rages between A’Morgal and their southern neighbors in Quadir. A’Davar stands strong, allied with the Rangers, but the threat of the Kal army is never far, and now Tempest presses from the north. Paradise seems the one center of calm, yet, they cater to all, Xaos, Tempest, Kal…no one truly knows who influences the city.



The recent wars have barely touched the Freelands, but dangers rise from within. Red Store once again moves, using their strong bastions within the permissive Freelands as a springboard. But they are not alone. New factions grow in power. Former lieutenants of the Crime Lord Velkalar, those who survived the purge, appear to be rebuilding his empire, while a new foe, the Shadow Legion carves out a small powerblock in Lanthor. Even the Dragon Cult moves in the shadows. And not a few Freelords bristles under the increasing power of the Rangers…



Long the center of the world, Galea has, too, been spared the horrors of war. Only the north, and a few key locations have been touched over the last few years. But, peace brings complacency. Bandit armies secure strongholds in the interior, Darkness, once thought vanquished, continues to return. And, the Dragon Cult is known to operate within their borders.


Kal-A-Nar Empire

They were so close, first in taking the Southern Kingdoms, and then the Desert. But nearly a decade of war has sapped the strength of even the Empire’s mighty legions. From the northwest push the bizarre, deformed Wild. From the Defiant Lands, Tempest acts with impunity. Their caravans are raided by the Black Wolves bandit army. A’Davar has repulsed every attempt to take, and their forces have been forced out of every Desert city save for their final bastion in Birr. However, the Unchained have begun to coalesce along the eastern border in Essal’s Keep and surrounding lands. All the while, the Emperor remains silent…as if…waiting.



Korindia has maintained isolation, facing only minor incursions of Tempest. Still, not a few have noted a sudden surge in Kor-In masters walking the mainland. No one knows why, and the Korindian people are not speaking.


Malakar Dominion

If the last few years have been good for anyone, it is the Dominion. Dominion moneylenders made several fortunes financing ever war in the last decade. After the mistake of getting personally involved in the War of Flame, the Dominion has since preferred to flex their economy and provide other kingdom’s the tool of bloodshed, rather than risk their own forces. Yet, they now sit upon a mountain of gold, their armies are at full force, and everyone around has been nearly broken by the fighting…perhaps the time has come for the viper to strike.



Isolated on the far corner of the map, Nazatir has long desired more…influence. So, they dispatched representatives to this…council of nations in Almahrad. Now their chief negotiators are in Olara with the power to make or break the international alliance. Perhaps we are seeing the birth of a new power player?


Northern Gathers

The Blood Witch’s influence spreads, but already several Gathers have thrown off her yoke, let by the warriors of Rool. Rool, secretly allied with the Rangers, seeks to free all Goblinesh from Darkness, Blood Witch or Vainar. And yet, recently, Rangers, Rool warriors, and Nightguard from Shaya’Nor liberated a Great Ebonway from the Witche’s control, only to discover an army of Darkness standing on the far side? In the west, the Guardian Gather of Kolfis is pressed daily by Tempest who seeks to break out of Og’M’Drakar and link up with forces in Loval. The other Guardian Gathers suffer raids from the Blood Witch’s army led by a towering monster.



Olara has devolved into civil war. House wars with House. Already, two ancient houses have been burned to the ground. Tensions between Olara and the Rangers have never been higher and many believe Olara may withdraw from the Echer’Naught Accords. Echer’Naguth is in chaos. Already Colonel Wolfhaven has first been arrested by the Rangers, then LOST, the city was attacked by former goblinesh allies, Captain Volstagg (architect of international trade negotiations) was relieved, Major Hawkslcaw was dismissed, and the city placed directly under the control of Kythros, all local officers sidelined, fired, or demoted. Not to mention the constant terroristic attacks against the noble houses within the city.



Since their loss of Camon, Shaya’Nor has remained quiet. However, there are those who suspect a ruse. Never mind the tens of thousands of troops culled from Camon and the gathers during the war, reports arrive daily suggesting that Shaya’Nor is moving mass forces into Shivok Novos. There are those who fear a mass invasion of Darkness is imminent.


The Wildlands

The loss of Velkalar freed many communities but left a power vacuum among the criminal factions within the Wildlands. Now, petty kingdoms, tyrants, and Red Store battle for control, while the Rangers grow more militant in the face of invasions of Tempest, Xaos, Wild, and more. More and more, the smaller kingdoms and communities are left to fend for themselves, forced to ally with the strongest factions, for good or ill.

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